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User Guide / Start Your Application

【Important information from the University】

Unavoidable circumstances may result in changes in the University's policies and guidelines. Please note that in cases where any changes are made, the latest information are to be updated on the APUmate admissions website (https://www.apumate.net/).


Before you begin, please note the following points.

If an error screen is displayed during the process of paying the Application Fee by credit card, or if you click Back on your browser before the payment process is finished,please leave the online application system and wait for around ten minutes. Then click the "Check Application" button in the top right of the screen, log in, and check if the payment has been processed successfully.

User Guide

If you are applying for the first time, please check the information below, consent to the Handling of Personal Information statement, then begin your online application by clicking theApply Onlinebutton in the top section of the screen.

Applications can be accepted starting from 13:00 Japan standard time on the application period starting date by 17:00 Japan standard time on the date of the application period deadline.

Please use the Check Application button in the top section of the screen if you need to check the content of your application, check your Application Fee payment code, or print out your Examination Ticket or other required documents.

 Step 1.Confirm the information you need for your application

Before applying online, be sure to check the Undergraduate Application Handbook and the documents you will need.
Moreover, please check all important dates relevant to your application (such as application period, application fee payment deadlines, and deadlines for submission of application documents)

2024 Undergraduate Application Handbook
Download forms specified by APU and fill in the form(https://www.apumate.net/admissions_guide/english/application.html)
Prepare your Academic Transcripts and Certificate of English Proficiency
Prepare your ID Photo data


Because you need to pay the Application Fee after completing the online application, please prepare your application with plenty of time to spare. The operating hours of convenience stores, ATMs, and other payment facilities may vary, so be sure to check them in advance. Send your hard copy application documents by express simplified registered postal mail.

 Step 2.Check and prepare the technical requirements for applying online

You will need to make the following preparations before using the online application system.

1. Recommended environment

Please check here for details on recommended hardware and software.

2. E-mail address

Cellphone e-mail addresses are accepted, but you may need to use a computer (or smartphone, etc.) browser to open hyperlinks contained in e-mail messages.
If you do not have an e-mail address, please obtain one that can be used through a computer, smartphone, etc. before beginning your application.

You will receive notifications by e-mail from APU after completing payment of the Application Fee.
*Please be sure to enter a valid e-mail address. If your e-mail software is set up to receive messages from certain domains only,
please ensure that it accepts messages from the (@52school.com and @apu.ac.jp) domain.

3. ID photograph data file (jpg/png format; file size between 100KB and 3MB)

After registering your online application you will need to upload your ID photograph via the "Online Application Status and Uploads, etc." page. Please note that your application will not be complete if you do not upload your photo.
Before beginning your application, please go to an ID photo booth or the like (one which allows you to download your photo in digital form) and have your photo taken on a plain white, black, or grey background. You may also take the photo on a digital camera, smartphone, or tablet,provided it satisfies the requirements shown below. (Save the photo to a saved images folder.) The photo you upload will be used to confirm your identity on the day of the examination/interview. There is no need to send a hard copy of the photo by post.

ID Photograph Requirements
Please ensure that your ID photograph file meets the following criteria.

Must be in color, be taken from the front, and show the applicant from the chest up, with no headwear, no background scenery, and no border. Must be taken on a plain white, blue, or grey background. Minimum file size is 100KB and maximum is 3MB. The file must be in JPEG or PNG format (filename extension .jpg or .png)

  • The following are examples of photographs that are not accepted.
  • Not facing the front (facing sideways, etc.)
  • Background scenery is visible (actual scenery or pattern)
  • Lighting is reflected (the reflection obscures part of the face or glasses)
  • Image is out of focus or blurred owing to vibration
  • Hair is hanging over and obscuring the eyes
  • Face is in shadow
  • Shadow is visible in the background
  • Contour of face is obscured by muffler or scarf
4. Printer

Please have a printer that can print documents on white A4 paper. If you do not have a printer at home, use one at school, a convenience store, or other location where you can print PDF files.
*The Application Confirmation Slip needs to be printed in color. You will need to use a color printer for this.

 Step 3.Enter your application details and applicant data

Refer to the How to Apply Online information and follow the on-screen instructions to enter the required information.
If you have any queries during this process, please check the FAQ and inquiries information.
You will not be able to alter the information you enter after your online application is complete.

*Please be sure to take note of the application number and security code that is shown on the screen after you have completed your online application.

Please download the Application notes form here

*Several types of numbers will be issued for your online application.Please click here for details.

 Step 4.Pay the Application Fee

Pay the Application Fee by credit card, at a convenience store, via Pay-easy at a financial institution ATM, or through online banking. You may need to pay a processing charge in addition to the Application Fee.
You can find more information on the payment methods available here.

 Step 5.Upload your ID photograph

Log in to "Online Application Status and Uploads, etc." using the Check Application button in the top section of the screen, and upload the ID photo you prepared in Step 2, "Check and prepare the technical requirements for applying online."

If you need to change the photo after the registration, please contact the university. However, you can contact only within the application registration period.
For information on how to upload your photo file, please see How to Apply.

 Step 6.Upload your application documents (files)

 Application Essay
 Activities Report Form (plus certificates, etc.)
 Essay Sheet (Japanese basis)
 Essay Sheet (English basis)
 Extended Essay
 Certification of English Proficiency
 *The documents you need to upload vary depending on your application type. Please check the Undergraduate Application Handbook as necessary.

 Step 7.Post your (required) application documents

Refer to the Undergraduate Application Handbook to prepare the documents you need to send by post, and print out your Application Confirmation Slip and Address Label.
Affix the Address Label to a regular Standard Size 2 envelope (240mm x 332mm), and be sure to send it using express simplified registered postal mail.

Final stepApplication complete: Print out your Examination Ticket (at a later date)

Once you have completed the application procedures, you will be able to print out your Examination Ticket during a designated period.
Log in to "Online Application Status and Uploads, etc." using the Check Application button in the top section of the screen, and print out the Examination Ticket 1 and Examination Ticket 2.
Please refer to the Undergraduate Application Handbook for the designated period.

*Please keep them with you.
*Applicants who apply for the Admissions by School Recommendation will not receive the Examination Tickets.


Handling of Personal Information

Please be sure to read the information on handling of personal information below before starting your application.
Once you have read through the information, check the box to indicate that you consent to the handling of personal information, and click the button to begin the application process.

■Personal Information Policy

Personal information collected from individuals during the admissions process will be handled in accordance with the following:

  1. Purpose of Use of Personal Information
      1. To carry out the entrance examinations (applications processing, examination tickets sending and conducting an examinations) and screening
      2. To notify results
      3. To send various surveys after the entrance examination
      4. Provision of personal information to third parties
        † Provide the results of the examination to the applicant's home school and preparatory school.
        (If the applicant agrees to provide personal information to a third party in the "Permission on Provision of personal information" section of the online application system (refer "III. “Provision of personal information to home schools, cram schools, and preparatory schools”)).
      5. To send documents for enrollment procedures to successful applicants
      6. To send information on after enrollment living matters (accommodation services, personal injury insurance, university co-op etc.)
      7. To conduct pre-entrance English placement test for successful applicants
      8. Preparation of documents related to acquisition or renewal of status of residence
      9. Use for the following items related to academic support and student’s life support after enrollment (only for students who have completed the second enrollment procedures)

      • Support for students' academic training, including student registration management, course management, grade management, and tuition fee information management
      • Student life support such as student life counseling, extracurricular activity support, scholarship management, health and hygiene management, etc.
      • Support for students' career paths and employment, including career guidance, support for job hunting activities, and management of information on career paths and employment
      • Counseling with parents on course completion, grades, and career paths, including notification of grades to parents, etc.
      • Admission examination and enrollment procedures
      • Sending of various information materials for each school established by Ritsumeikan University
      • Management of use and security of on-campus facilities and equipment
      • Issuance of various certificates
      • Providing necessary information to partner schools in Japan and abroad through academic exchange, etc.
        ■List of partner universities and Institutions of Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University
      • Providing necessary information to organizations that offer scholarship programs
      • Provide necessary information to Alumni organizations (Alumni Association)
      • Providing necessary information to organizations created by parents of students
      • Provision of necessary information to organizations approved by the Ritsumeikan Personal Information Protection Committee
      • Education, research, and Faculty Development activities
      • Other purposes related to or accompanied to the above
  2. Management of Personal Information
    Personal information of applicants will be managed safely to prevent leakage, loss, or damage in accordance with laws and regulations.
  3. Outsourcing Services Associated with the Provision of Personal Data
    Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University may outsource certain work that includes the handling of personal data to a third-party entity having executed an agreement on the proper handling of personal information.
  4. Statistical Use of Personal Information
    Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University may use data extracted from applicants’ personal information to conduct various statistical analysis to be used for surveys and research related to the admissions process. This data may also be provided to students interested in applying to Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University. However, the university shall ensure that any information made public can not be used to identify specific individuals.