Undergraduate Application Handbook / Application Documents / Admissions Information (APU website)

The Undergraduate Application Handbook includes information on matters including eligibility to apply and points to note for applicants and exam/interview candidates.
Please be sure to read through the handbook before beginning your online application.

2023 Undergraduate Application Handbook

2023 Undergraduate Application Handbook

Uploading application documents (files)

Please check the List of Application Documents of the Application Handbook for the documents that you need to upload.
Access the URL below to download forms specified by APU.

Digital brochures page:

Printing Application Confirmation Slip and Address Label

You will be able to print out these documents after completing your online application.

On the application completion page or after logging in using the Check Application button in the top section of the initial guidance screen, go to "Online Application Status and Uploads, etc." to print the documents.
*Please be sure to print the Application Confirmation Slip in color.

Sending Required Documents by Postal Mail

Refer to the Undergraduate Application Handbook to prepare the documents you need to send by post.
After paying the Application Fee, send the documents using express simplified registered postal mail.

Required Documents

Prepare the documents you need to send by post.

Please refer to the Undergraduate Application Handbookfor details of the documents you need to send by postal mail.

*There is no need to send the proof of payment (receipt/statement, etc.) that you receive when paying the Application Fee.

Please note:

  • No changes are permitted to application pathway, preferred college/department or other such details after you have paid the Application Fee.
  • No changes are permitted to documents submitted. Moreover, documents will not be returned to applicants in principle.
  • Your application will not be accepted if documents are incomplete.
  • It make take some time for authorities to issue the documents required for your application. Please make arrangements for these documents to be issued in plenty of time.

Sending required documents by postal mail

Please confirm the following procedure before sending your required documents.

Print out your Address Label, and check that you have enclosed all your application documents, and send them to the Entrance Examinations Office, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University by express simplified registered postal mail (速達・簡易書留).

Please read through the following important notes carefully.

  • You will be able to print out your Address Label after completing the online application process.
  • Check that the information printed on the label is correct, then affix the label to a regular Standard Size 2 envelope (240mm x 332mm).
  • Check the operating hours of your local post office, and go to the post office counter to have the envelope sent by simplified registered postal mail (速達・簡易書留).
  • APU does not accept documents posted outside the application period.
  • To check on the delivery status of your documents, go to the Japan Post Track & Trace website.You will need to enter the inquiry number shown on the express simplified registered postal mail receipt issued by the post office.

*If you send the documents from outside Japan, please refer to the Undergraduate Application Handbook