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Before the application, read carefully the “Application Guidance” below.
After the application, “Reference number” and “Security code (Password)” will be sent to your registered e-mail address. Please set up your PC environment to receive email with domain name

Flow of Application

 STEP1. System request confirmation

1.System Requirements

System Requirements

Browser version

For Windows environmentsFor Macintosh environments
For Windows environments Google Chrome
Internet Explorer 11.X
Microsoft Edge
* Please start the Windows8.1 / Windows10 certainly from the desktop when you use.
* Compatibility View mode of Internet Explorer is not a recommended environment, there is a possibility of such design is lost.
For Macintosh environments MacOS 10.6 ~
Google Chrome

Mobile Device Requirements

* Below are the recommended environments, but some functions would not work depending on the certain environment. In that case, please access the website through a PC.

OS version

For Android environmentsFor iOS environments
For Android environments Android 4.4.X ~
Android Chrome
For iOS environments iOS 9.X.X ~
2.Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions concerning your application, please confirm the "Frequently Asked Questions" below. Should you need further assistance, please contact us at

Click theFrequently Asked Questions

 STEP2. Application Guidance

Please read carefully the "Application Guidance" as follows:
And confirm the required documents and submission period.

 STEP3. Register your Information.

Click on the Application button above, then register your information.
Payment site will be displayed after the registration site.


Japanese Language Program(Half Year:Spring Semester)(Full Year:Spring & Fall Semester)

Period I 29/Sep/2021 ~ 12/Oct/2021
Period II 4/Nov/2021 ~ 17/Nov/2021

 STEP4. Pay the screening fee.

Complete payment procedure by following the instruction on the website.
Please pay the fee by credit card including charge (990 JPY).

Screening fee

Program PeriodScreening fee (Charge included)
Japanese Language Program(Half Year) 25,990 JPY
Japanese Language Program(Full Year) 25,990 JPY
  1. Complete payment during the application period mentioned above “Application Guidance”.
  2. Screening fee for the 2nd semester will be exempted when selected Full year program.

Credit card

You can pay with the following credit card.


 STEP5. Print “Application Info.(shiganhyou)” from “My Page”

Click on the Confirmationbutton above, then sign in “ My Page” with “Reference number” and “Security code(Password)” sent via e-mail. Then Print your “ Application Info. (Shiganhyou)”.

 STEP6. Submit all application documents to Hosei University by e-mail

Before sending, please confirm all application documents incl. “Application Info. (Shiganhyou) with photo” by "Boshu-youkou(募集要項)" and "Checklist(チェックリスト)" below.

Policy of Personal Information

Before applying for us, please read the following policy carefully.
Reading it, put the check-mark into the box for approval and click the button of Application for starting the procedure of applicaiton.

Policy of Personal Information

Hosei university follows the Personal Information Protection Law, and intend to prevent the data outflow by the university regulations.
As for the personal information for application, the data will be used by screening, notificaiton, admissions procedure, and the other related business.
And in case of outsource in the range of use, we will appropriately conduct the information management and confidentiality under the contract.