Internet application flow

 STEP.1 Confirm and prepare the environment necessary for application registration

Please install Japanese Kana input software in the terminal to be used. You will be required to input Japanese kana when registering your name (kana).

Email Address

Note that multiple persons cannot apply using the same email address. Please be sure to register one e-mail address per person.

The email address of cell phone may be used, however, the link in the email text must be opened in a computer browser or on a smartphone. If you do not have an e-mail address, please obtain an e-mail address that can be used on a PC, smartphone, etc. before registering your application.

Various contacts from the university such as completion of payment of the examination fee will be notified by email. *Be sure to register an email address with which you can reliably receive messages. *Payment completion email will be sent to you after the examination fee has been paid.
If your email is set up to receive messages only from specified domains, please adjust the setting so that you can receive from [][].

If you use free mail, please use it at your own responsibility. Note that the notification emails from the Internet application may be sorted into the junk message folder. Depending on the anti-spam measures of the company that operates the mail services, the notification email from the Internet application may be considered as a virus or spam, and the message may not be received. In that case, the university will not know that the email did not reach you. Please note that this is a problem in the system or mailer (PC or mobile phone) settings of the mail service provider.

ID Photo (ID photo data)

You must upload an ID photo in this internet application. Please note that the application registration will not be completed unless the ID photo (face photo) data has been uploaded. Before registration of application, please take your ID photo with a camera, etc. (device that can download or acquire photo data) against a solid-color background of, “white, blue or gray color”. The photo may be taken using a digital camera, smartphone or tablet as long as it meets the following requirement. The ID photo (of your face) will be used for “identity check” at examination. The photo need not be submitted by post.

【Requirements of ID photo data (of your face)】

A color picture of the upper half of your body, full-faced, no hat, no background, no frame. The picture must show you against a solid-color background in white, blue or gray in principle. The data size must be more than 100 KB and less than 5 MB. The data format must be either JPEG, PNG or GIF(filename extensions are jpg, png or gif).
When registering from iOS (iPhone, etc.), it is also possible to register in "HEIF/HEIC format (extension heif/heic)".
However, it may not be possible to register depending on the version and settings.
※ Examples of inappropriate pictures are provided below.

  • The picture isn’t full-faced (e.g. the face is shown sideways).
  • The picture has some background (e.g. a landscape or pattern).
  • Some reflections of light are on the face or eyeglasses, making parts of the photo hard to see.
  • The picture is unclear due to bad focus, shaky hands, etc.
  • The bangs are too long, and the eyes cannot be seen clearly.
  • There is a shadow on the face.
  • There is a shadow in the background.
  • The bodyline is covered by a scarf, etc.

Prepare a printer that can clearly print in color on white A4-size paper. If you do not have a printer at home, use a printer at a place where you can print PDF file, such as a school, a friend’s house or a convenience store print service.

 STEP.2 Confirm and prepare application documents

Please check and prepare necessary application documents listed in the Application Guidelines.

 STEP.3 Register application contents on the Internet

Please see the FAQ on Internet applications and register the application contents according to the instructions of the Internet application page.

 STEP.4 Pay examination fee

Please pay the examination fee by the deadline by "credit card", "convenience store", "bank ATM [payment with pay-easy]", or "net banking".
※In addition to the examination fee, a service charge is required.

 STEP.5 Upload ID photo

Please upload ID photo on the Internet application confirmation page.

 STEP.6 Mail application documents

Place the mailing label on a commercially available envelope and send the application documents to Kanazawa University by registered express mail.
※Some graduate school admissions procedures require you to upload your application documents to this system.Even in that case,you need to mail the uploaded application documents.

FINISH!   Application completed !

 Bring your printed admission ticket for examination on the day of the examination.

You can download and print the admission ticket for examination from the Internet application confirmation page during the specified period. On the exam day, please bring the printed admission ticket for examination to Kanazawa University.

Protection of Personal Information

On the Use of Personal Information


 Kanazawa University has established regulations on personal information management to properly manage and protect the information it holds.
 All personal information that the University obtained during the candidate selection process and all personal information included in the documents submitted as in the enrollment process will be used for the following purposes:

  • 1.Operations related to candidate selection and enrollment
  • 2.Operations related to enrollment management, study instructions, and health management such as medical examinations after admission
  • 3.Operations related to on-campus services such as the University's portal site, campus LAN, library, and borrowing library books after enrollment
  • 4.Operations related to academic support, such as entrance-fee waivers, tuition waivers, and the selection of scholarship recipients
  • 5.Operations related to the payment of entrance fees, tuition, and the operations of the financial institution to which the University outsources payment collection
  • 6.Investigation and research related to candidate selection conducted in such a way that no particular individuals can be identified
  • 7.Operations related to PR targeting students and their families, and related to fund (donation)
  • 8.Operations related to outcome assessments for the graduates and those related to alumni relations, and the information services through Kanazawa University
  • 9.Statistical work conducted in such a way that no particular individuals can be identified

In the admissions, oral examinations would be recorded in order to guarantee the fairness and objectivity of the evaluation for each examinee. Recorded video would only be used for the purpose of the evaluation of admissions.

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