Flow of Internet application

 STEP.1Confirm and prepare application documents.

Please check and prepare necessary application documents listed on the Application Instruction.

 STEP.2Enter the application information on the Internet.

Please read notes on Internet applications and enter the necessary information for the application according to the display on the Internet application site.

 STEP.3Payment of examination fee.

Please pay the examination fee by the deadline by "credit card", "convenience store", "bank ATM [payment with pay-easy]", or "net banking".
※In addition to the examination fee, a transfer fee is required.

 STEP.4Register a full-face photo.

Please print the mailing label, and so on, after uploading full-face photo on the Internet application confirmation site.

 STEP.5Mail the application documents.

Using a commercially available envelope and pasting the mailing label on it, please send the application documents to Kyushu University by registered express mail.

FINISH!  Application completed!

Handling of Personal Information and Misconduct

With regard to using the online application, we need you to accept the explanation of the handling of personal information and misconduct.
Please review 【Privacy Policy】 for the handling of personal infomation.
Regarding misconduct, we will handle as discribed in the application guidelines, so please check it.

Print examination ticket