Flow of Internet application

After checking the information necessary for applicants, such as the required qualification, application period, application procedure, selection process, and the date of examination, you should follow the procedure below to apply to the university.

 STEP1.Registration of application information

From a device connected to the Internet, register the necessary information (examination category, your desired departments and areas, your desired advisors, personal information, etc.) following the on-screen instructions.

※Online Application Manual

 STEP2.Paying entrance examination fee

Pay the entrance examination fee using one of the payment methods below. Payment methods: credit card, convenience store, bank ATM (Pay-easy), Internet banking

 STEP3.Printing out the registered application documents

Print out the online registration (part of the application documents) including the “Application confirmation sheet (for submission).”

 STEP4.Sending or bringing the application documents

The applicants must send or bring the “documents you printed out in STEP3.(printed matter of the online registration)” and “other necessary documents” to the office of Kyushu Institute of Technology within the application period.

※Finishing the online registration only itself does not mean the completion of the application procedure.

FINISH! Application completed!

Handling of Personal Information

With regard to using the online application , we need you to accept the explanation of the handling of personal information.


In addition to the entrance examination, personal information obtained shall be used in the following circumstances:

(1)Transcripts which are used for entrance examination etc. shall be used in the school guide once applicant is accepted.

(2)Transcripts which are used for entrance examination etc. shall be used to determine whether the applicant should receive financial assistance such as waiver of first year tuition fees.

(3)Documents and personal information such as transcripts for entrance examination etc. may be used in research and studies on the entrance examination system of this Institute in a format that does not disclose the identity of the individual.

※Except for cases stipulated in Article 9 of “Act on the Protection of Personal Information Held by Independent Administrative Agencies”, this Institute will not use personal information it has obtained for any other purposes, or provide it to third parties without the applicant’s consent.

This site is entrusted with construction and operation by KEI Advanced. K.K. Personal information you registered will be used only for the purpose related to application and examination. In addition, KEI Advanced plans for the management of personal information.

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