Flow of Internet application

 STEP.1 Read the Admission guide.

Read the application guide for the entrance examination to which you are applying. Be sure to read the application guideline as it describes the application period and details of the entrance examination.

 STEP.2 Confirm and prepare application documents.

Please check and prepare necessary application documents listed in the Admissions Guide.

 STEP.3 Enter the application information on the Internet.

Please read notes on Internet applications and enter the information necessary for the application according to the display on the Internet application site.

 STEP.4 Payment of examination fee.

Please pay the examination fee by the deadline by "credit card", "convenience store", "bank ATM [payment with pay-easy]", or "net banking".
※In addition to the examination fee, a service fee is required.

 STEP.5 Register a full-face photo.

Please print the application checking sheet (submission sheet), mailing label, and so on, after uploading full-face photo on the Internet application confirmation site.

 STEP.6 Mail the application documents.

Using a commercially available envelop and pasting the mailing label on it, please send the application documents to Nagoya Institute of Technology by registered express mail.

* Internet entry alone is not sufficient to complete the entrance examination application. Please be sure to send your application documents by registered express mail so that it arrives by the deadline stated in the application guideline.
When you mail your application documents, you will be issued an inquiry number “item number” that will be used to track your documents. If the documents do not arrive at NITech, we will ask you for the inquiry number.

FINISH!   Application completed!

 Bring the examination admission ticket on the examination day.

When the period for which the examination admission ticket can be downloaded arrives, you can print the ticket from the Internet application confirmation site. On the exam day, please bring the printed examination admission ticket to Nagoya Institute of Technology.


Handling of Personal Information

With regard to using the online application , we need you to accept the explanation of the handling of personal information.

For this site, we obtain personal information (name, address, phone number, date of birth, etc.) in various situations, including when inquiries are made and requests for material or applications for the various courses, etc., are submitted.

Handling of personal information

At Nagoya Institute of Technology ("NITech"), we properly handle personal information as stipulated by the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, the Act on the Protection of Personal Information Held by Independent Administrative Agencies, etc., and similar acts.

(1) Purpose of use of personal information

NITech uses the personal information it obtains only for the following purposes.

  • Conducting entrance examinations (processing applications, conducting examinations, etc.)
  • Announcing applicants who have been accepted
  • Completing admission procedures
  • Conducting operations related to academic affairs (register management, etc.), study support, and student support
  • Compiling statistics using methods or in formats that make it impossible to identify individuals

(2) Providing personal information to third parties

If personal information that NITech has obtained and that is to be provided to third parties exceeds the scope of personal information use, NITech will announce or notify relevant parties of the purpose of use in advance and obtain their consent. In the following situations, NITech may provide personal information without obtaining the consent of relevant parties.

  • When doing so is permitted by acts, ordinances, etc.
  • When it is necessary to provide a third party with personal information to protect the life, physical well-being, or property of the relevant party (including companies) and it would be difficult to obtain their consent
  • If it is necessary to provide a third party with personal information to improve public health or promote the healthy growth of children, youth, etc, and it would be difficult to obtain the consent of the relevant party
  • If related businesses are cooperating with a national government entity, local government, or party commissioned by one of these entities on executing work stipulated by acts, ordinances, etc., and there are concerns that obtaining the consent of the relevant party would hinder the execution of that work

(3) Outsourcing the handling of personal information

NITech may outsource some or all operations related to the handling of personal information within the scope of the purpose of personal information use. In that case, an outsourcing service provider considered to handle personal information properly shall be selected; terms, such as the contract, shall stipulate points necessary to prevent the leakage of information through proper personal information management, confidentiality, etc.; and those service providers shall be properly managed.

(4) Requests to disclose personal information held

NITech shall promptly respond to requests by relevant parties (including their parents, etc.) to disclose, correct, delete, and end use of their personal information.

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In addition, KEI Advanced plans for the management of personal information.
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