This site’s development and management is entrusted to KEI Advance Corporation. The personal information registered here will be used only for procedures related to admissions. Also, this company handles personal information with a thoroughly safe system.

Guide to Start the Procedures

Guide to Start the Procedures

If you’re applying for the first time, check the instructions below and start the application procedures from the MyPage button.

You can confirm the contents of your application, pay the application fee, print the examinee ticket (only for the admissions with on-campus written exams and interviews) and check the admission decisions from the MyPage button.

 Step 1.Check and prepare the suitable device and connection to register your application.

In order to register your application through this portal, you need to check and prepare the followings.

1.Suitable device and connection開く開く
3.ID photo (face photo data)開く開く

 Step 2.Check the application requirements and materials.

Go to the official website of Sophia University
to download the booklet of "Application Procedure" for the details of admissions. Read all the instructions indicated in the procedure before starting your application.

Please refer to the above website of Sophia University for the application schedule of each program.

Payment of the application fee must be completed after the on-line registration by each application deadline. Please note that the business hours vary between different convenience stores and ATMs.
Please also make sure to use a traceable shipping services when mailing the application documents.

 Step 3.Register to make your own MyPage and enter your application information.

Follow the “How to Register Application” to make your own MyPage, register your photo, basic information and application information.

 Step 4. Pay the application fee.

Please pay the application fee via credit card, convenience store, bank ATM, Pay-easy, or online banking by the on-line application deadline. The payment handling fee will be charged in addition to the application fee. Please refer to this page (Japanese only) for more details about the available payment options.

 Step 5.Mail the application documents.

Refer to the Application Procedure(available on Sophia's website) to print the application forms and the mailing label.
Glue the label on an envelope (inside Japan only) and mail the documents using a traceable shipping service.

By completing all the steps through Step 5,  your application is complete.


Personal Information Management

When starting your application, make sure to review the “Personal Information Management” below and check “I agree on the ‘Personal Information Management’.”
Proceed to the next step to start your application from MyPage button below.

Personal Information Management


At Sophia University (hereinafter, “This university”), we handle personal information in the legally appropriate manner, according to the “Act on the Protection of Personal Information”.

(1) Concerning the purpose of use of personal information

This university will use the personal information collected within the limits of the following purposes of use.

・Implementation of the entrance examinations (processing applications, carrying out examinations)

・Announcement of results

・Matriculation procedures

・Statistical totalization calculated in a way people cannot be singled out.

(2) Concerning the providing of private data to third parties

In case the handling of acquired individual data exceeds the limits of the purposes of use and such information must be provided to a third party, this university will make this public or notify the person in question in advance, in order to get their consent. Only after such procedures this university will provide the information to a third party. Note that in the following cases, this information may be provided without the consent of the person in question.

・Cases based on laws

・When there is the need to provide private data to a third party in order to protect the life, constitution or assets of a person (or corporation), and it’s difficult to get their consent

・In case there is a need to provide private data to a third party in order to improve public health and to promote the healthy nurturing of children and young people, and it is difficult to get the person’s consent

・In case national agencies, local governments or any commissioned persons must cooperate with related business people in order to carry out legally prescribed tasks, and if getting the consent of the interested person could cause any hindrance to these organizations, private data might be provided to a third party.

(3) Concerning the entrusting of the handling of private data

There are cases in which this university, within the limits of the purposes of use, may entrust the complete or partial handling of private data to an outsourced company. In those cases, we will choose a company which handles the private data appropriately, agree through a contract or other similar document on the appropriate management and non-disclosure matters necessary to prevent leaks of private data, and carry out all adequate control measures.

(4) Concerning the requests for disclosure, etc. of owned private data

This university will handle without delay any request, made by the interested person (or their guardian), to disclose, edit, delete or stop using the private data it owns.