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Online application for the Fall Admission

This page contains information on the application procedures.
For first-timers, please read over carefully before starting your application.
Please be sure to read the Application Guidelines as well.

Preparation before application registration

Confirm and prepare the environment required for application registration

In order to register your application under this system, you will need to confirm and prepare the following.

1.Recommended environment

For details on the recommended environment, please check here.

2.E-mail address

Provide an e-mail address that can be used on your PC .
If you don't have an e-mail address, please create one before starting the online application.

  • Using e-mail addresses that are on free hosts such as Gmail or Yahoo! is at your own risk.
  • Please note that e-mails sent with regards to your online application can be directed to the Spam folder of your e-mail account.
  • Please note that after processing your Registration and Application, and Screening Fee Payment, respective e-mails on the aforementioned will be sent to your e-mail. These e-mails may be wrongfully deemed to be spam depending on your mail server - in which case, you may not receive them.
3.Photo(Face photo data)

You must upload an ID photo in this internet application. Please note that application registration cannot be performed unless the ID photo (face photo) data has been uploaded.Before registration of application, please take your ID photo with a camera, etc. The photo may be taken using a digital camera, smartphone or tablet as long as it meets the following requirements.

Prepare a photo file to upload. Note that this photo will be used for the application and the student ID after enrollment. The file requirements are as follows:
File Format: jpg
File Size: up to 5MB

<Photo Requirements>

Your photo must:

  • Have been taken within the last 3 months.
  • Be in color photo (no black and white), be taken from the front, shoulders up, / no hat, no muffler and scarf, no sunglasses, no background, no frame.
  • Have even lighting with minimal shadowing.
  • Be in focus (not blurry).
  • You must Face the camera and keep your head straight.
  • Your face is not obscured by hair, etc.

Prepare a printer for an A4 paper. Both black-and-white printing and color printing are acceptable.

5.Application documents

Please prepare the application documents well in advance of the deadline for application because it may take longer than you expected.
For more details of each document, please refer to the Application Guidelines.

Application FlowYour application will be complete after finishing all the steps as below

Step 1 Read the application guidelines and prepare application documents in advance

Make sure to check the application guidelines here.

Step 2 Register for My Page

Please refer to the "How to Apply" and then register mypage, photograph, personal information and application information.
If there are any questions regarding the registration process, please refer to the "FAQs" as well.

Step 3 Online application

Access the Hosei University My Page and register the applicant information.
The application process can be opened from 10:00 am on the first day of the application period.

Step 4 Payment of the screening fee

Screening fee payment must be completed with the credit cards shown below.

  • Credit card


* If you are paying by credit card, your application will be processed at the time of Registration and Application.

Step 5 Upload your application materials on My Page

Upload the “Self-introduction video” and “Essay”.
* The necessity of these depends on the program and its admission category.
* “Essay” might be called in other names such as “Statement of Purpose” or “Statement of reasons” depending on the program.

Step 6 Send application documents by post

Print out the “Enrollment Request Form” on the next page and send all application documents together to Hosei University by post no later than the specified deadline.

Step 7 Check your applicant number on My Page

Please refer to the application guidelines for details.

Step 8 Check your result on My Page

Please refer to the application guidelines for details.